June 2


Can You Pass This Retirement Quiz?

QUIZ:  Are You Going to Have an Awesome Retirement?

These TEN QUESTIONS will let you know your level of awesomeness.


(Add up all the times you answer “yes”

1. I know how much money I spend each month (on average).   YES/NO

2. I have spent time planning for the best age to begin social security benefits.  YES/NO

3.I make it a point to NOT watch any of the 24/7 financial news channels.    YES/NO

4. My retirement savings is in invested in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds, with at least half of the money in stocks.    YES/NO

5. I understand that once enrolled in Medicare and a Medicare supplement, the maximum out-of-pocket expense for any given year is less than $10,000.    YES/NO

6.I know how much I will need to pay in federal taxes per year once retired.   YES/NO

7. I believe that the money I have saved for retirement is meant to be spent and enjoyed during my retired years.  YES/NO

8. I am going to start taking out a reasonable amount of money from my retirement accounts each month once retired. YES/NO

9. I am going to stop focusing on saving money once I am retired.   YES/NO

10. I am going to (or already have) put careful thought, time and effort into planning for my retired years for both my financial and personal life. YES/NO


Please add up the number of times you answered “yes.”

0-3  OH MY!  You are in serious danger of giving yourself unnecessary grief in retirement.  Without planning and education, you might end up living a life fearing the unknown.  Consider making the unknown, known.  You will almost certainly reduce anxiety and increase awesomeness.

4-7  Keep Going!  You are on the right track.  There are just a few more misconceptions you may have in your brain.

8-10  You’ve arrived!  You get to enjoy your retired years understanding the parameters by which you can live your life.  You’ve found the perfect balance between spending too much money and spending too little.  You get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Your days will be filled with bountiful awesomeness.

Be Blessed,


P.S.-  If you want to do better on the quiz next time, and you are not already a client of ours, give us a call.  I’m confident we can help you get the most life from your money.

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