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It’s about what you want.

Has something been itching in the back of your mind? Something you wish you could spend your hard-earned money on? The retirement revolution is about listening to that voice—instead of shutting it down.

Spending money isn’t irresponsible. We don’t believe it will land you in the gutter.

We’re battling financial anxiety.

Our goal is to cut down financial anxiety around your retirement. So much of which is born from hysterical financial media misinformation. We’ll help you let go of fear, and we aim to keep you on track.

Experience life instead of fear. We believe it requires some planning and investing.

Have an awesome retirement.

That’s what the retirement revolution is all about. The cruise to Alaska. Remodeling your master bath. Renting the jetskis your grandkids want to ride. That Mustang your wife doesn’t think you can afford. Gifts for the people you love. Don’t misunderstand us. Money isn’t about more “stuff.” Money is about living a life filled with freedom and opportunity and options.

You decide. This is your money. Don’t let someone else spend it.

We want to help you make smart choices

We’ll help you figure out the parameters by which you can live the rest of your financial life. And enjoy it. Your parents talked about their “fixed income.” We’ll help you determine what that looks like for you. We’ll help YOU make the rules when it comes to how much you need and how much you can spend.

Cut through the BS.

Everyone is trying to tell you what to do. You get invited to “free steak” seminars. You hear stuff of the radio, TV, the internet. It’s overwhelming. And we believe it’s a waste of time.

We cut through the noise, show you what you need to know, and which messages are relevant to you. Whether you want to or not, in today’s world you HAVE to have a reasonable understanding of how stocks and bonds work. Luckily, Dave’s Mom was a singularly talented elementary school teacher, and those teaching skills rubbed off.

When you can retire. Whether or not you’ll run out of money. Whether your investments are appropriate. We can even show you how to teach your kids to be good stewards of their money.

No more second guessing your decisions. The retirement revolution puts YOU in charge.


Scary thoughts don’t get to boss you around anymore.

We believe most, if not all, of the “what ifs” you have in your brain are based on simple misconceptions, that, once addressed, will focus you on what you should be focusing on.

We don’t want you to think about money AT ALL. Focus on living your life. Everything is going to be okay.

If you can’t answer the following questions, you may need our help.

  • When can you retire?
  • When should you start your social security?
  • Are you going to outlive your money?
  • How should you invest your money differently once retired?
  • Can you afford to remodel your kitchen?
  • How much can you safely spend from your savings in retirement?
  • How much money do you want left over when you die?
  • How much will you pay in taxes once retired?
  • Can you afford that Alaskan cruise?
  • What happens if you need nursing home care?
  • What happens if you have a large medical expense?
  • Is inflation going to eat away at your lifestyle?
  • Do you have a plan?

Only pick up the phone when you are ready. For now, check out Dave Kennon’s Retirement Revolution for free* advice.

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*Yep, it’s really free. Why? Because I’m passionate about helping people. Obsessed, you might say.