August 25


Restructure Your Retirement Plan for a Stress Less Future

For loyal readers of my weekly column, you already clearly understand that I am on a mission to change the way the entire Baby Boomer generation views their money.   For those who are new to the Retirement Revolution, I encourage you to read some of my past articles.  


So, what is the Retirement Revolution?  It’s simple really.  People, just like you, are standing up and saying, “I REFUSE to worry for the rest of my life about running out of money.”


You see, your brain and your thoughts are powerful forces.  More and more research is surfacing that shows that your thoughts literally change the physical nature of your brain’s neural pathways. Or, put another way: What you think about can permanently change the way your brain functions.  


The biggest challenge when you join the Retirement Revolution is to get rid of all that “stinkin thinkin.”  


People, like you, who have already joined the Retirement Revolution think to themselves: “Once I retire, it is okay for me to start spending my retirement savings.”  They are NOT thinking: “If I spend any money I may end up being a burden to my children.  I may have to go back to work.  It could be a disaster!”


The revolutionaries are thinking: “A diversified and balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds is a powerful tool that allows my money to continue to work for me, once I am no longer working.”  They are NOT saying: “Some guy on TV says he thinks a recession is on the horizon, I better keep all my money in a savings account getting .01%.”


They are thinking: “The stock market temporarily goes down and permanently goes up.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average was 2600 points in 1990.  It is now nearly 22,000.”  They are NOT thinking: “If I invest my money in a diversified and balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds, I might wake up one morning and all of my money is gone!”


Those already participating in the revolution are thinking: “If I end up in a nursing home for ten years, that would be really awful.  But, the chances of that actually happening are pretty slim.  Less than 5% according to the data.”  They are NOT thinking: “I am not going to spend any money unless I absolutely have to, because you never know. What if I end up in a nursing home?”


They are thinking: “I am reinventing my retirement.  It doesn’t have to look like my parents retirement.”  They are NOT thinking: “You just never know.  The whole economy could collapse.  The world is crazier than ever. What if everything falls apart and I am left with nothing?!”


Want to jump aboard the retirement revolution train?  It’s easy!  Explore my website and, if you haven’t already, give us a call to start the process.  Maybe your retired years can look better than you ever imagined…


Be Blessed,




P.S. How cool was that eclipse?  I can’t remember the last time the country came together for such a transcendent experience..  My kids enjoyed it too…

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