June 18


Dave Kennon: 10 Reasons Why Sarasota is the Best Town in the Country

Dave Kennon, Kennon Financial


This week, instead of my normal financial missive, I’m going to share some appreciation for my hometown of Sarasota. Don’t worry, we’ll dive back into investment topics next week.


(Let me know if you think I missed anything in this list.)


  1.  Let’s start with the obvious.  Sunny, blue skies almost every day of the year.  You do realize that people travel from all over the WORLD to visit here, right?


  1.  Small town feel.  Sarasota has a small town feel with all the amenities of a big city.  While things can get a little busy during “season,” once the snowbirds go home we get to enjoy all the cool stuff built for them.  Restaurants, golf courses, cultural centers, shopping- all designed for tourists and seasonal visitors- enjoyed by all of us.


  1.  Unique Vibe.  It doesn’t have the “pre-fabricated” feel of some beach towns around Florida.  We have history, diversity, and culture that can’t be found in Naples, Ft. Myers, Cocoa Beach or Ft. Lauderdale.


  1.  Uhh…have I mentioned the beaches? As I’m sure you know, Siesta Key is an award winner, but let’s not forget about Lido, Holmes, Anna Maria and more!


  1.   No need to fly for vacation.  You are a couple hours drive from countless vacation opportunities.  Disney, Busch Gardens, Key West, Boca Grande, Captiva Island- all places people come from all over the world to visit.


  1.  Traffic isn’t too bad.  I’m sure some of you will argue this point- and, yes, things can get a little hairy in February and March.  But have you spent any time in Orlando or Atlanta or Chicago? THAT is traffic. We complain if we must wait for more than one traffic light.


  1.  Amazing architecture.  Not only do we have gorgeous waterfront homes, but we also get to enjoy historic landmarks like the Ca d’Zan Mansion, the Ringling Museum, Selby Gardens, the Rosemary District, and the Sarasota County Courthouse.


  1.  A great airport.  Have you flown out of the Sarasota International Airport?  If you haven’t, you are missing out. Short security lines, easy parking, all within a small and convenient facility.


  1. Top-notch hospitals.  Sarasota Memorial and Doctor’s Hospital are among the best in the nation.  We have some of the best cancer and heart specialists, as well as world-renowned orthopedic surgeons.


  1. Really cool people!   Not many people are from Sarasota, as most of us came down here because…. well, just look at the rest of the list.  Sarasota is filled with adventurous and friendly spirits who were willing to leave their birthplaces to make a new life for themselves here.


Be Blessed,


Dave Kennon, Kennon Financial


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