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My name is Dave Kennon.

I wrote a book about the many Baby Boomers who need to start spending their retirement savings earlier in retirement.

But I know that some people don’t have time to read a book, so I created a quick and easy way to learn what The 5% Club is all about.

I’ve created ten lessons that outline the beliefs, rules, and requirements for membership.  Each lesson is in simple English, will take less than five minutes to read,  and might forever change the way you view spending in retirement.

How much does it cost?

Nothing.  All we need it your email address and your orientation into The 5% Club will begin.

Dave, what’s the catch, how are you making any money?

I’m not doing this to make money.  I am outraged and saddened by how much needless financial worry retirees experience. And at what expense?  The expense is never truly living the retired life you deserve.

Surprisingly, government data points to the fact that most retirees reach the end of their lives with far more money than ever.

Maybe you should spend more and worry less?

To drive home my point, the most common advice I hear from the 80 and 90-year-old’s I speak with is this:

“We finally realized that our

retirement savings weren’t going

to run out, but it was too late. 

We were too old to enjoy them!

People need to spend more money

earlier in their retirement. Don’t

have the same regrets as us.”

Why Would Baby Boomers Want to Be Part of The 5% Club?

  1. It is simple, easy, and free.
  2. After joining, you may feel more secure and empowered.
  3. You may have fewer regrets later in your life.
  4. You may find yourself living retirement like it’s a new and exciting adventure.
  5. You might take that vacation you didn’t think you could afford.
  6. It’s possible you could worry a lot less about money.
  7. You might feel more encouraged about your future.

Join The 5% Club. Take back your retirement.

Where to Begin

  1. Sign up for the weekly 5% Club Lessons.
  2. Once a week you will receive your lesson (don’t worry, there is no homework)
  3. The lessons consist of short, digestible discussions on how to live your best retirement possible.
  4. Agree to the Rules of the 5% Club.
  5. Add your name to the list of members or (you may remain anonymous).
  6. Focus on living your new, awesome retirement.
Start your free weekly lessons now.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Learn a better way to plan for your retired years.
  2. Learn when you should start spending your retirement savings.
  3. Learn when you can retire (if not already retired).
  4. Learn how many vacations you can take.
  5. Learn how much you can spoil your grandkids.
  6. Learn if you need to worry about your finances in retirement.

We are not saying that your life will be greatly improved by joining The 5% Club, but it very well could….

Who should sign up for The 5% Club weekly email?

  1. You are 55-75 years old.
  2. You are nearing retirement or already retired.
  3. You live in Sarasota or Manatee County.
  4. You have at least $200,000 in investable assets…all the way up to $3M or more.
  5. You are willing to rethink your spending in retirement.
  6. You are willing to base your financial decisions based on facts, history, and logic.

Meet Dave: The founder of The 5% Club

Over the past 18 years, author and Sarasota business owner David Kennon discovered that many Baby Boomer’s are not spending enough of their retirement savings once retired.  In fact, government data shows that most retirees reach the end of their lives with more savings than ever.

Sadly, when Dave speaks with retirees in their 80’s and 90’s he often hears the same regrets:

“By the time we realized we weren’t going to run out of money, it was too late.  We are too old to enjoy it!  People need to spend more money earlier in their retirement.”

Dave saw so much regret and worry, that he was inspired to publish a book to help all the Baby Boomers struggling with fear and worry while retiring.   The 5% Club is already changing the way Baby Boomers are living and spending in retirement.  Join the movement.  Sign up today.

Why is it called The 5% Club?

The 5% Club is all about getting the most LIFE from your MONEY in retirement.  The goal is not to reach the end of your life with too much money left over.  It’s called “The 5% Club” because it cuts to the core of the movement that is changing the way people like you are living their retirement.

Your parents survived the Great Depression, and they taught you to save every penny for safekeeping. You’ve watched pensions disappear and investments fail. And the mainstream financial media is always shouting about the sky falling down.

It’s time to reject the programming. There’s a better way to plan for your retirement. A way that better ensures you live the retirement you deserve. Worry less and spend more. Invest in your own happiness.

Welcome to The 5% Club.

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