You don’t need to keep saving once you retire.

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Based on the new book “Spend More, Worry Less,” the Spend More Club believes that many Baby Boomers: 

-should be spending more money earlier in their retirement.

-no longer need to save money once retired.

-are needlessly worrying about outliving their savings.

Maybe there is a better, new way to plan for your retirement.

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Section Titles

  1. I’ve Never Seen a Uhaul Hitched to a Hearse
  2. A Retirement Lived Well versus a Retiree Who Blew It
  3. Lessons from Retirees in Their 80’s and 90’s (Don’t make the same mistake)
  4. Five Common Misconceptions That Could Sabotage Your Retirement
  5. Five Steps to Breaking the “Bad” Habit of “Oversaving”
  6. Three Ways to Live a More Secure and Empowered Retirement.
  7. Four Simple Steps to Living the “Spend More Club” Lifestyle.

Who should read the “Spend More Club” whitepaper?

  1. You are 55-75 years old.
  2. You are nearing retirement or already retired.
  3. You live in Sarasota or Manatee County.
  4. You have saved some money for retirement.
  5. You are willing to rethink your spending in retirement.
  6. You are willing to base your financial decisions based on facts, history, and logic.

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